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UDS carries this service out to business, Municipalities, petrochemical and any other industry that incurs loss by damaged, poorly maintained and poor soil types that can cause cable faults, all in an attempt to reduce and minimize revenue loss.

  1. 24 hour service
  2. HV and LV faults
  3. Hydraulic cutting of identified cable
  4. Pinpointing the position of the fault
  5. Safe and non evasive methods to both environment and utility
  6. Safe Excavation
  7. Repair/Jointing
  8. Reinstatement of excavation
  9. Re Testing of repaired cable

Air Excavation:

Uses a combination of compressed air to break up the soil, a minimal amount of water spray and a high power vacuum, we are able to excavate down over 2 metres in order to verify exactly the position of utilities. On parts of your site where 100% accuracy is critical this process will be invaluable to you.