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At UDS, we believe that an efficient and effective geotechnical study is an integral component of any proposed mine, mining project or any other project that requires geotechnical information. The geotechnical investigation program should include an understanding of the lithological, structural, alteration and hydrogeological aspects, enabling the rock mass to be characterized into relevant geotechnical domains. Representative geotechnical design parameters for the mine design can then be allocated to each of these domains.

Geotechnical services form the roots of our company. We have extensive experience in almost every type of Geotechnical consulting.

UDS works with developers, architects, civil design engineers, design-build contractors, school boards, and municipalities to determine the geotechnical aspects or needs of a proposed project. We also have the expertise and experience to help determine the root causes of a problem.

Our engineers typically follow a project from inception to final construction. They ensure that quality data gathering techniques are implemented so sufficient sampling is achieved. Once proper sampling and testing is done, we use the field and laboratory data, along with geotechnical engineering theory, software, and good solid engineering judgement (along with a good dose of common sense) to meet the needs of the project.