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Put simply, nobody has done what we have done for so long, and in so many places. That knowledge allows us to advise you what we can do for you; more importantly, we will also be able to tell you what is not possible - not everyone does that in our industry.

The greatest risk to underground natural gas pipelines is accidental damage during excavation. Even minor damage such as gouge, scrape, dent or crease to pipeline or its coating may cause leak or failure. To protect pipelines and other underground facilities, we urge consultants, contractors and all utility owners to use our professional services.

UDS is currently in talks with top provincial government officials to adopt an AMERICAN STYLE NO DIG NO PERMIT. (One call center) This would mean that every time an excavation is done anywhere in the country, a permit would have to be given, and in order for this permit to be given a specialist (Audited) utility detection company would have to issue a permit for this excavation. UDS currently conducts such work for some municipalities and parastals around the country. This has in turn limited damage to utilities and in turn kept incidents to a minimum.