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Imagine a Water leak and was taken as seriously as an Oil leak. Imagine a world without Oil... A time will come when this statement is reversed. Leak detection is a process whereby we use specialized leak detection equipment and software to determine where exactly this loss is occurring. This is one of the five processes or methods used in the leak detection/loss management. In many instances we've taken a municipalities losses of 35% and brought these down to the excepted 5-7% range.

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Technologies used:

  1. Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  2. Electromagnetic detection (EM)
  3. GPS (Global Positioning Satellite)
  4. Sonding
  5. 3D laser scanning

Air Excavation:

Uses a combination of compressed air to break up the soil, a minimal amount of water spray and a high power vacuum, we are able to excavate down over 2 metres in order to verify exactly the position of utilities. On parts of your site where 100% accuracy is critical this process will be invaluable to you.